Let me introduce myself, my name is Vito born of course in Puglia in a picturesque little town (Santeramo) in the High Murgia Barese close to Bari and the charming city of Matera (Basilicata) Now I am based in Leeds (United Kingdom) where I started this idea of building my own Travel Agency specialised in holiday to Puglia. WWW.VITOLELLA.COM wants to create an informative channel through the internet to set off these places and spur international tourists to visit one of the most beautiful Italian regions. My wish is to get the international audience closer to this prestigious land which has nothing to envy to the most known and exotic spots. I share this philosopy with our travellers who are people looking for unusual corners to discover, for genuine and delicious food and wine, for arts and history of a land inhabited since prehistory and gone through several dominations; also people looking for walking tracks and clear waters to dip into, for friendliness and funny expressions in thousands of dialects! WWW.VITOLELLA.COM will create an itinerary most suitable to your requirements. I hope you will fall in love with Puglia as has happened with all the previous visitors! Send me the preferred days of your holiday and I will do all the rest for you including the flights, hotel, places to visit, to eat, go shopping and more! Buon viaggio!