The Sculpture Park "La Palomba" was an initiative by the artist Antonio Paradiso, who created a permanent exhibition of his artwork in an exhausted tuff quarry. This operation therefore aimed to transform that space into an art park or a place of anthropological art, as his promoter prefers to call it, in which the permanent exhibition is regularly enriched by collective and temporary exhibitions by contemporary sculptors who create their artworks during their visits to the city of the Sassi, and therefore in direct contact with the local area.

The artworks and the park as a whole are well integrated into the local geological-cultural context.

The Sculpture Park is located in the Natural Archaeological Park of the Chiese Rupestri, on the trunk road SS 7 Appia in "La Palomba" an area where there are several tuff pits.
The quarries are an element of the territory that bears witness to the gradual adaptation of man to the environment and the development of skills and techniques in the use of materials found in nature. Over the centuries the local tuff has been used to protect, build, decorate, restore and, from an artistic, architectural and decorative point of view, it has marked the history of the city.
Tuff is still processed by craftsmen and local artists to this day, who propose a reinterpretation suitable for contemporary uses.