The Primitivo di Manduria is a table wine, produced also in the Dolce naturale, Liquoroso secco and Liquoroso dolce naturale versions, suitable for accompanying desserts


Obtained from grapes from the Primitivo variety


In the 'normal' version, the Primitivo is red in color, with a tendency to purple and orange with aging; it has a light, characteristic nose and a pleasing, full, harmonious taste tending to smooth with age. The Primitivo di Manduria Doc Dolce Naturale has a very intense purple-red color. The aroma is almost intense, quite persistent, fruity, spicy, ethereal, with hints of plum and cherry jam and vague remembrance of vanilla. The taste is sweet, very warm, smooth, not very fresh, equally tannic and sapid, full-bodied and quite well-balanced. The Rosso has a minimum alcohol content of 14 degrees, while the Dolce Naturale has 13°, the Liquoroso Secco 16.5° and the Liquoroso Dolce Naturale 15°


It includes the province of Taranto, the townships of Manduria, Carosino, Monteparano, Leporano, Pulsano, Faggiano, Roccaforzata, San Giorgio Jonico, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Fragagnano, Lizzano, Sava, Torricella, Maruggio, Avetrana, the hamlet of Talsano and of the administrative centers of the township of Taranto. In the province of Brindisi, it includes the townships of Erchie, Oria and Torre Santa Susanna


The whole year round