Salice Salentino Doc is a table wine produced in the following versions: Rosato (Spumante too), Rosso (Novello and Riserva too) and Bianco, in the Spumante and Frizzante versions too.This label also includes the Aleatico Dolce and the Aleatico Liquoroso Dolce (the latter also in the Riserva version)


This table wine, in the Bianco version, is best with pasta and rice first courses and vegetable and fish courses. It should be served in ample-bowled, narrow-mouthed stem glasses at a temperature of 10-12°C. The Rosso version is good accompaniment to rather structured dishes and red meats. It should be served in elongated stem glasses at a temperature of 18°C. The Rosato instead happily accompanies spicy cured meats, first courses with light sauces, roasted or stewed pork and lamb dishes, veal and vegetable stews, country omelets and fresh sheep's milk cheeses and should be served in ample and opened stem glasses at a temperature of 12-14°C. The Dolce versions and the Pinot Blanc go well with desserts or typical Christmas sweets, served in small stem glasses.


The Salice Salentino Bianco is light straw-yellow in color, has a delicate nose with hints of fruit and a dry and fragrant taste. The Rosso and the Rosato, all their versions, feature, respectively, a ruby-red color that tends towards brick red with aging (2 years in wooden casks), and rosé tending towards ruby red. Without prejudice to the characteristics of the two wines indicated in the production regulations, the nose is vinous, palatable, the taste is dry, with body, sapid and harmonious. The color of the two versions of the Salice Salentino Aleatico is rather deep garnet red with violet hues and, without prejudice to the specific characteristics of the two wines indicated in the production regulations, the perfume is intense and rather persistent, fruity and ethereal, the taste is firmly sweet, very warm, almost alcoholic, more than smooth, not very fresh, not very tannic and with strong body. Finally, the Pinot Bianco has a light straw-yellow color, a characteristics, pleasingly fruity nose and a dry, velvety and characteristic taste.


Salice Salentino Doc is produced in the provinces of Brindisi and Lecce


The whole year round