Tenute del Sole: a new tribute to Apulia

Tenute Rubino launches a new oenological venture: Tenute del Sole. The propelling force behind this novelty, fostered by Luigi Rubino and his staff, is the desire to bestow a new tribute to Apulia and its millenary oenological tradition. The foundations of the Tenute del Sole project lay on those primary indigenous varieties of red grapes, such as Negroamaro and Primitivo, and white grapes, such as Malvasia Bianca, which have contributed to the excellence of Apulia and Salento’s oenology.  The Apulia region, indeed, thanks to the work and dedication devoted by single winemakers to quality productions, has become one of the new frontiers of oenological excellence.

The wines born in Apulia have by now reached really interesting qualitative levels, and can confidently compete with the best Italian and foreign productions. This ascending trajectory is built upon the strong credibility of this land, whose producers are now aware that the quality step-up they experienced is not a chimera: rather, it is a reality that has come about – day after day, vintage after vintage – thanks their efforts, and which has elicited a strong, favorable response both in historical and emerging markets.  With Tenute del Sole, Luigi Rubino’s firm demonstrates once again its solidity and its ability to respond, with its very own oenological style, to the challenges and the tendencies of a market characterized by increasingly informed and discerning consumers.

Tenute del Sole: four wines with a competitive price/quality ratio

The Tenute del Sole product line comprises four wines, two reds (Primitivo and Negroamaro), one white (Malvasia Bianca), and one Rosé (Negroamaro Rosato), all pure, characterized by an excellent price/quality ratio. These wines express Salento’s Mediterranean soul, and have a DNA fire-branded by Apulia’s sun and millenary grapevine cultivation. The wines of the Tenute del Sole line constitute a fresh and elegant expression of upper Salento, a territory with a particular vocation for grapevine cultivation thanks to its favourable pedoclimatic conditions. As a matter of fact, work in the cellar aims 'only' at maintaining the integrity of the organoleptic traits, which in turn deliver fresh, elegant wines with a clearly defined personality, in full accordance with the productive philosophy of Tenute Rubino.

'The wines of the Tenute del Sole line' explains Luigi Rubino 'embody a strong answer by Tenute Rubino to those markets which, thanks to their entrenched tradition and in spite of a phase of slow consumption, have not diminished their demand for wine and which represent a key point of entry to new markets, for those producers flexible and dynamic enough to jump at the opportunity. Today, indeed' continues Luigi 'new consumers are more informed and ready to discover wines that express their provenance through their organoleptic and varietal characteristics. Emerging markets are ready to welcome wines with this kind of scope, and with Tenute del Sole we will surely develop an added value that will allow us to obtain a comparative advantage in these markets.'