Trani is a splendid inhabited centre facing the Adriatic Sea, in the province of Bari, attracting visitors by the beauty of its port and an immense historical architectonic patrimony. A visit to Trani and its magnificent historical centre made of Trani stones and buildings, churches, a visit to the port to admire the Federick II Castle which dominates the sea, is an unforgettable experience for any visitor sensitive to artistic beauty.

The Romanesque Cathedral, dedicated to San Nicola Pelligrino (1097), a magnificent building in front of the sea, became a reference point for navigators; the Ognissanti (All Saints) Church built by the Templar Knights during the XIII Century; the Monastery and Colonna Church, the San Francesco Church and the San Giacomo Church complete the Romanesque visit to the City.
The visit can not end unless it includes Palazzo dei Dogi of Venice and the Synagogue of Giudecca; once a ghetto and refuge for Jews.